facilitates secure, universal, global, fee-free payments between your customers and lets you fully own your identity and brand.

Transactions are secure in a separate hot wallet. Your customers keep their own private keys. You don't have to add any complicated security protocols to your server (it even works with ultra secure static sites).
Collecting payments does not require your users to have anything other than a regular web browser, and it works perfectly on mobile. No special software or hardware is required.
Your customers can pay anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. No bank account or credit card is required, and no limitations are placed on their location or nationality.
FinneyFor collects no fees. (Ethereum network transaction fees are typically less than a penny per transaction)
You collect money on your own site. Don't send your readers to someone else's site and risk losing your identity if you change payment providers.
FinneyFor works with any website or blog, no server components required.
For example, to collect Ethereum on your Jekyll blog, just add this to your post.html file.
                <div id="excerpt">
                {{ page.excerpt }}
                <div id="full" style="display: none" >
                {{ content }}
                FinneyforClient.onContribution( function() {
                function setDisplayById( id, display ) {
                  const el = document.getElementById(id);
                  if (el) { = display; }
                function revealContent(){
                  setDisplayById("excerpt", "none" );
                  setDisplayById("full", "inline-block" );
                  setDisplayById("th", "none" );